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Mensch ärgere Dich nicht!

1.12 usd

The one and only mobile version of the most popular board game in the world is now better than ever! This new and improved version supports tablets as well. This means a ton of real multiplayer fun just like with your friends at home! Gather around your Android tablet and have a nice board game evening! This is what digital board games should look like today!No matter if you play against your friends or the clever artificial intelligence, this is Mensch Ärgere Dich Nicht! at its best since 1910!
- Real board game atmosphere for you and your friends around your tablet device- Original game board and tokens from Schmidt Spiele- Customizable rules- Multiplayer fun for 1-4 players- Smart computer opponents in single play- Roll the dice by using the motion sensor of your smartphone
© 2013 Schmidt Spiele GmbH, Licence by KIDDINX Media GmbH, Lahnstr. 21 D - 12055 Berlin. Developed and Published by b-interaktive GmbH, Lohbachstr. 12, 58239 Schwerte, Deutschland.
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